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December 24, 2013

How to Password Protect your Google Play Store Account


Having lockscreen security on a device is the first step, in case it’s stolen, but for other cases like parties and of course this Christmas and New year holidays, you’ll also want a password on the Google Play Store. Who knows which relation will download some wallet busting apps on your device without you knowing. There’s one simple setting you’ll want to check, and that’s it, then your Google account associated with that device will be password protected. Don’t forget it as it will be required before any apps are downloaded or purchased. Don’t give Google Play permission to auto check your password on the first app your’ll be back in the same boat.

Once in Google Play you’ll start by hitting menu (the three dots on the top right) or the dedicated menu button on your device. For most Galaxy devices this is to the left of your home button. Once you hit menu you’ll tap “Settings” in the Play Store app. Then, it’s just one check box away. It’s that simple guys. You’ll have to confirm the password to enable or disable this feature, which is your regular password for the Gmail account associated with the device. The password you made when you first setup the device.

So lets just show you with the images below, just look for the areas within the green rectangle.


Google_play1_WM_250 Google_play2_WM_250

 Beginnerstech wish all our readers a Merry Christmas  and a Happy New Year. 

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Senior Editor
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