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September 11, 2013

Phonebloks: like a Lego smartphone you can change when you feel like it


Now there have been a lot of awesome startups flying around these days but Phonebloks is one I sure hope makes it into production. Phonebloks is a smartphone that you can configure and then reconfigure as you feel the need. No more need to throw your device away if its broken or upgrade to the latest handset because if you want a new processor just pull that block out like lego and stick a new one in and this is the same for every single part of your phone. This will allow you to setup your device any way you wish. If you like photography stick a great camera on, like gaming stick a better processor in, music stick a bigger HDD and speakers on, you get the point right? Well if I wasn’t clear enough check out there YouTube video below. They are pretty much just in the concept stage but are hoping with enough press noise and coverage they can make it happen and we certainly hope they can, what do you think?

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