Today we received a nice treat from MobileFun the Pinlo United aluminium hybrid bumper case. This bumper case keeps in style with the Pinlo range by maintaining the slim and thin look. This is by far the slimmest and lightest aluminium bumper case I have ever seen. When you first open the case it feels a tad flimsy but when on your device it becomes a solid piece of kit. Read on to find out more.

The United comes in a two piece design and installs with ease onto your iPhone 4 or 4s. it really is just a matter of a few clicks. In addition to the Aluminium bumper you have a choice of two different front pieces to install that come in either clear plastic or a chromed finish, both look great so the choice is just down to preference. The Aluminium bumper itself is available in various colours we opted for the red version as we have a red 4s. It is also available in silver, black and titanium grey.

The design of the bumper is cleverly though out. It is designed so that your iPhone never comes into contact with the aluminium outer shell and only touches the front plastic section. The aluminium frame also has an added rubber inlay wich surrounds the whole frame which will give your device a nice cushion to rest on while protecting it further. Doe to the rubber inlay dust can sometimes gather at the rear of the bumper but a simple clean once a week will solve the problem. There is also two home button rubber stickers included in black and white colours that can be applied to raise your home button, we feel these are not needed as the home button is easily accessible.

The frame has nice trimmed edging that really sets the bumper off and this edging is even present in the cutouts for the buttons and dock connector. All the buttons and ports of the iPhone remain easily accessible when the bumper is in place. An added bonus of using this bumper is third party accessories like headphones all fit in place due to the thin design, I say this as some of the bumpers we have had in the past do not allow space for third party headphones that don’t have a straight jack. The iPhone also easily docked in our docking station but this will come down to type of dock. One question that always pops up is will this bumper effect my signal strength? The answer is thankfully no. This will be due to the rubber inlay and the fact that there is no metal to metal contact going on.

This bumper will cost you £19.95 which may seem steep but bear in mind this is a premium aluminium dock. You also get two front shells to choose from which allows you to change looks as you please. The fit and finish are perfect and the United really maintains the premium look of your iPhone while adding a bit of flare.

Source – iPhone 4 Accessories

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