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November 29, 2013

PlayStation 4 will not have full PSN access at launch in Europe and Australia


The PlayStation 4 seems to be on everyones christmas list this year and after a very successful launch Sony’s PlayStation Network is under a bit of stress. Sony is being proactive and ensuring the problem does not get even worse with the PS4 launching in Australia, Europe and New Zealand today by taking an unusual step to lighten the load and disabling friend activity in both the What’s New and content info sections for users in the new launch countries. Don’t panic tho as the measure will only be in place until the initial frenzy is over then full access will return. Sony is ensuring people it won’t make a huge difference to gameplay but just wanted to highlight this to ensure no one is caught off guard.

Will you be picking up the PS4 today? Let us know below.

Via – Engadget
Source – PlayStation Blog

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