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August 3, 2015

Protect yourself from”Stagefright”


Attention ALL Android Users! There’s a huge android vulnerability affecting 95% of  android devices running 2.2 (Froyo) through 5.1.1 (Lollipop).

Here’s how you are effected; a multimedia message (MMS). That simple, an MMS is all that is needed to hack your phone and take control. The attacker only needs a phone number to be able to send this malicious code. You might be thinking, “all I have to do is not open/click the message and I’m good.” Wrong! This is why “Stagefright” is one of the biggest android vulnerabilities because the MMS doesn’t even need to be opened! Freaky right? As of this moment you or myself may have already been targeted and not even know it–the attacker can easily remove all traces. “Once the trojan file has been sent over MMS, the attacker can read your messages, retrieve your login credentials for various sites and services, operate your device’s microphone, and access almost any file stored on your phone. To put it simply, a hacker could potentially gain access to all of the sensitive data stored on your smartphone by sending you a simple picture message.”

What To Do…

While we wait for a fix, you can get started by disabling MMS Auto-Retrieve.

Samsung Messages App:

Google Messenger App:



“From now on, your phone will no longer download MMS messages automatically, meaning the exploit can’t be triggered on your phone without your knowledge. But you should still be very careful about opening MMS messages, and in general, do not open an MMS message that came from a phone number you don’t recognize.”

What do you guys think of Android Stagefright?

Source WonderHowTo

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