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August 20, 2014

PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne’s Full Gameplay Demo Video Released



Last week, we got a teaser from upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne. Today, Sony released another video of the new game, this one containing more than six minutes of gameplay from the Gamescom demo last week.

The video skips around a little, but provides a good sense of what the gameplay is like. Theres a great deal of combat, which is particularly bloody, with the player becoming covered in blood during one encounter–some of which happens with a friendly NPC doing battle at the player’s side.

Sony notes that the video shows off the saw cleaver and heavy axe weapons, “both of which transform and can be wielded in short and long forms.” We also get a look at the Regain system, which restores your health when you stay aggressive and counter enemy attacks.

Bloodborne does not yet have an exact release date; Sony has only said it’s coming in “early 2015” for PS4.


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