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April 11, 2011

Ralph Lauren’s ECO Freindly Solar Panel Backpack Charges Your Phone

Ralph Lauren has released a solar panel backpack that can charge your Iphone in less than 2 hours, assuming your in direct sunlight for long enough.

ralph lauren

We all love to see the world becoming more Eco friendly, but in the current financial climate a little pocket friendly doesn’t hurt. If you’re feeling the pinch at the minute or just managed to budget for that new high end Mobile Phone close your eyes or this article now. This Eco friendly may well charge your Phone in a few hours but it will also charge your credit card $800 in 1 second. That spare battery sounds more tempting now doesn’t it?

These backpacks are part of Ralph Lauren’s RLX Sports Line and sport Four solar panels that harness the suns power to generate 3.45 Watts. Which if you do the maths will fully charge your Iphone in about 3 Hours. If you really must have this hit up the source link.

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Source – Ralph Lauren

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