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February 18, 2015

Raspberry Pi has sold more than 5 million units


Now here’s some news you may not have expected, not because their not awesome but because I personally didn’t think so many people were interested in these awesome little DIY computers. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has just revealed that it has now sold over 5 million of its mini computers. This is no small achievement considering they only shipped 1.75 million just 16 months ago. This may be a small number compared to what tech giants like Apple can ship in just one quarter but I certainly applaud them considering its a tiny development board meant for schools etc.

Obviously the price has played a big part in the sales numbers as at just £35 its very accessible. Do you own a Raspberry Pi? Let us know below, if you don’t have one yet then do yourself a favour and click that Amazon logo below and get yourself involved you won’t regret it as you can have tons of fun with this mini computer.


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