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January 22, 2014

Remember BBC Ceefax? Well now read BBC Instafax


With the rise of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and several other social media services it just underscores how this market is gaining by leaps and bounds. Throw in the sheer number of potential uses, especially in terms of marketing potential, and the whole thing only gets better. BBC News has seemingly grasped the potential here, and is out to make it work for the company with Instafax, a service that runs on Instagram, and provides short-form news.

Instafax gets its name from the BBC’s earlier Ceefax, a teletext service, the world’s first, at last report—that ran until 2012 on British television. Instafax, meanwhile, is something of an update to Ceefax, though set on Instagram; specifically, a short-form news system that works mainly in text, with a little video to underscore things. The new service, according to the head of BBC News Online Steve Herrmann, came as a result of December ratings numbers, which showed that more users were accessing BBC News by mobile device including tablets, than by desktops for the first time. Reports further suggest that this is likely to be the last such trial, at least in the short term, but there seems to be an openness to trying other media and presentation types as the opportunities arise.

BBC Instafax

Source: The Guardian


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