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January 17, 2014

Report tips March release for next HTC One – twin-sensor camera, bigger screen


HTC’s next flagship to the One could be just a few weeks away. Having said that, we still don’t know much about it. A report from Bloomberg today 17th January  might shed some light on the forthcoming flagship handset, however, with potential spec details and a release date.
Bloomberg’s source told them that, HTC is planning to release the new HTC One in March. Given that the HTC ONE was released about a year ago we could be seeing the new flagship being release just before Samsung’s event.
More interesting are details about the phone itself. HTC is believed to be using the same overall design as the original One, which is a good thing. I think the HTC One is not just one of the sleekest, best-built Android phones we’ve seen yet but, the most beautiful one (no pun intended) ever . HTC is also expected to increase the size of the display, to somewhere between the 4.7-inch original and the 5.9-inch One Max. Personally, I think 4.7 inches was a very comfortable size to the ever-increasing display sizes out there, but I think 5 inches would be a reasonable increase. HTC can always come out with Mini and Max versions of the phone like it did the first time around.

Finally, HTC is expected to use  dual sensor camera on the back of the phone. This would improve image quality, and allow for better focus and depth of field. Interestingly, Toshiba just announced such a dual camera module at CES last week.


Toshiba Dual camera

Now if HTC were to use Toshiba’s twin camera sensors it would allay those who do not like the  “Ultrapixel” camera in the original HTC One, although it is an interesting concept but, I can see how a second sensor could really push sales that HTC badly need.

Source: Bloomberg


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