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June 11, 2013

Update: Review – PictureLife cloud based Photo and Video Backup


I have just read about PictureLife at Ewan MacLeod’s post over on Mobile Industry Review. He starts by explaining:

What I was looking for primarily was the simple ability to upload photos from multiple devices into one master account. Then I needed to be able to send these photos to my parents and friends with one click (or similar). I wanted to retain full control over the media rather than having to rely on the likes of Facebook or similar. I’ve held off pronouncing the search finished — I thought I should give the latest service to come to my attention, Picturelife, a proper hammering.  Like any other app or web based app it does take awhile to get into the swing of it but,  I really like this.


Ewan’s story is a very good read, and I would encourage anyone having the same / similar dilemma, like I was having to read it.
I’ve loaded the Android app (link below) and the iOS as well, and the desktop app. Picturelife gives you a 5GB free starting storage and when you link to various apps like Twitter they give you 200 MB , 150MB for adding a star rating, 150MB for adding a caption to pictures .


Visual Duplicates occur all the time, and are sometimes hard to spot. The most common kind is a scaled or reduced image. It occurs when a photo is uploaded to Facebook or other 3rd party services that strip the photo of its original data and scale it down in size. Visually, the photo looks the same but it usually has a far lower resolution.


Take photos on your phone and secure them in an instant.
Picturelife for Android complements the Picturelife web and desktop apps by safely backing up your photos as you take them.
Your mobile phone or tablet is at high risk for data loss. Picturelife is a secure and private photo backup and organization service. With Picturelife, even if your device malfunctions or is stolen, your cherished memories are safe.

Picturelife for Android is a lightweight photo backup tool that backs up your photos as you take them, with more features coming soon.

With the desktop and web apps you can:

  • Access all the photos in your entire photo library, organized automatically.
  • Backup photos from your favourite social networks. Currently Picturelife offers photo import from Google, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Smugmug, 4Square and Tumblr with more coming soon.

In just a few clicks, you’ll be safely storing these pictures on Picturelife.

  • Download your original, full-resolution photos anywhere in the world.
  • Share your pictures with family and friends, even if they don’t use Picturelife. Your photos are private by default.
  • Organize your photos automatically into a timeline view, geo-located on a map or in albums of your choosing.
  • Display your pictures in a public gallery, with a custom URL that you can share however you wish!
  • Drag and drop pictures directly into a album.

There is plenty of support for Picturelife on the following support page (

The iOS app is better than the Android but I finish with a quote from Ewan’s post which sums it all up:

Android is a slight challenge. The Picturelife team have released a very limited version for Android that basically supports uploading. This is acceptable in the short term — at least there’s a solution — but it’s something I think they do need to address, especially when so many Android phones are producing so many gorgeous images.
And obviously, I’d like them to shine some love on BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Despite the current viewpoint that many other platforms “can’t justify” the development resources, I think a lot of companies (including Picturelife) could be surprised at the benefits of being a big fish in a small pond versus the opposite on the likes of iOS. It can’t be that mentally taxing to knock out an uploader for Windows and BlackBerry 10, surely?

UPDATE: We reached out to Picturelife for news not only on the next Android update but if they had plans to both BlackBerry and Windows Phone platforms, here’s their reply:


It is high on our priority list to update the Android app and we are currently working on it. Thanks for the suggestion on the Windows and BlackBerry platforms as well – we will definitely add this to our list.

Once we get the Android app updated, I’ll make sure you’re notified!


I would like to thank Ewan for Tweeting this @Ew4n for the heads-up on this app.

Now I have a app / web based app to keep ALL my pictures and video’s in one place.

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