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June 21, 2013

Revised PlayStation 3 firmware update coming June 27th, it will also fix any bricked systems


So we reported earlier in the week that Sony’s 4.45 PlayStation update had bricked some systems and therefore had to be pulled till they sorted the problem. Sony has been aware of the problem since day one so you would think a quick fix is on the way right? Wrong apparently the fix is not going to start rolling out until June 27th, nine days after the original 4.45 caused mayhem.

The PlayStation Europe Twitter account had tweeted this morning. “We have identified the issue related to PS3 software update (4.45) that impacted a small number of PS3 systems earlier this week,” and adding to that there feed states:

“A new system software update is planned to be released on June 27 that resolves that issue,” it adds. There’s also a bit of an apology, but that won’t do much for the folks who are without their PlayStation 3 for the next six days. PlayStation’s US arm also confirmed that the update will arrive in North America on the same date”.

Is your console bricked? Let us know your thoughts below.

Source – Sony, @PlayStationEU

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