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March 15, 2013

Ridley Scott to produce short films for Machinima


If your as much of a fan of machinima’s mini-series and mini-movies as I am then you will love this.
With Halo Forward Unto Dawn and Battlestar Gallactica: Blood & Chrome under their belts — what could be the next step for Machinima? Working with producing and directing gods Obviously.

While Machinima has spread its wings beyond its namesake game engine-based movies, the company has only occasionally broken out of its familiar video game template.

Those horizons are set to expand due to the “little” collaboration with Ridley Scott’s production house, RSA. Scott and RSA president Jules Daly will serve as executive producers for a project generating 12 short sci-fi films for Machinima’s channels, with the directors culled from among RSA’s superstar ranks.

In theory, it’s a win-win scenario: Machinima gets professionally-made movies to diversify its library, while directors can explore ideas that wouldn’t necessarily be approved for a full-length feature. There’s a hope for District 9-style regular movies co-developed with Machinima if all goes well, but we’d advise patience when the partnership hasn’t even chosen its directors. How awesome would it be if James Cameron got on board? Dude! Saweeta!

It will take some time before we’re catching a sci-fi mini-drama from the comfort of our living rooms. Unless you have an Xbox 360 with YouTube App, then your already there.

If you where given the chance to co-produce or co-direct a film, who would you choose as your counterpart?

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