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April 8, 2012

How to root the Galaxy S2

This Tutorial will take you through the simple steps to get your Galaxy S2 rooted and ready to flash ROMS.


Samsung Kies




You will also need the insecure Kernal for your device. It is recommended that you choose a kernel as close to yours as possible but its not 100% necessary. To check your Kernal version go to Settings>Applications>About Phone and you will see it under Kernal Version.

You can get your insecure Kernal HERE



Step 1 – Ensure USB debugging is enabled on your device. To do this Go to Settings>Applications>>Development and ensure the USB Debugging box is ticked.

Step 3 – You Now have to put your S2 into download mode

To do this Turn your phone off.Hold Down the volume down button, the home button and power button together at same time. You will be presented with the above screen presenting you with a warning of the dangers of modifying your device if you are 100% happy and want to proceed do so at your own risk and press volume up key to put your device into Download mode.

Step 4 – Now your going to load your Insecure Kernal using Odin3

Ok so first of all connect your s2 to your PC and run Odin3. you should notice that the box in the top left of Odin is yellow that shows that it recognises your device. You should now take a minute to ensure that only the “Auto Reboot” and “F.Reset Time” boxes are checked.

Now what you are going to do is hit the PDA button in Odin and select the kernel that you downloaded earlier.Now just take a minute to calm your nerves and Hit start when your ready. When the process is complete odin should display a Green Pass in top left and your device should Reboot with a yellow triangle which shows you are running an insecure Kernal.

Step 5 – Time to root using s2 Root

By now your phone should have rebooted itself so now click on s2Root. You will be presented with a warning asking if you are running an unsecured kernel and USB debugging is enabled, If you have followed this guide then your all good so click OK.

So you don’t have to be a genius to guess what to do next Click ROOT. When completed you are now happily rooted and will have Superuser App in your App drawer look for the App with Skull and crossbones.

So thats it your Rooted you can now download awesome apps from the Market like Adblock,Apps2SD etc. If you want to flash a Rom you will have to install ClockworkMod Recovery so read on off you want.

How to flash ClockworkMod Recovery

Step 1 – Download ClockWorkMod for your device here

Step 2 – Ensure USB Debugging is still Enabled and follow the steps above to put your device back into Download Mode

Step 3 – Open Odin3 and ensure your device is recognised again and the correct boxes described above are ticked. Now click PDA and select the CWM.tar you downloaded.

Step 4 – Hold your breath Again and click Start when finished it should have a Green Pass sign again. You will now have CWM installed on your device. To boot into CWM turn your device off then hold the volume up button the home button and the power button at the same time until you are in your new custom recovery.

You can now flash custom Roms which you will find HERE.

IMPORTANT – Before you do anything you should backup your device so that you always have a means to return your device back if you screw it up. To do this navigate to backup/restore option and backup your device, you navigate with the volume buttons and select options with the home button to select, the power button lets you track back.


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