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April 7, 2012

How to Root the Motorola Xoom

This method will work for ANY Xoom on Any Update and that includes any future updates that are thrown our way.


Requirements – Fastboot and ADB set up on your system and an sd card for your Xoom

STEP 1 – How to set up adb and Fastboot.

First of all download EasyADB AND TURN ON usb debugging on your xoom (Settings>Applications>Development)

1. Download the EasyADB zip
2. Extract the files
3. Copy the SDK Tools folder (right click>copy)
4. Navigate to your  C: drive (Start>Computer)
5. Paste the SDK Tools folder on root of C: drive not in any folders
6. Now open command prompt by going to Start menu and in search field type in cmd and hit Enter
7. You will now have your Command prompt window open so now type in
cd C:SDK_tools
8. Your Path should now be cd C:SDK_tools Now Type:
9. ADB should now execute and start doing the business.
10.Now you need to Connect XOOM via USB to your PC and wait for drivers to install. If it doesn’t install the drivers get them here.

11. Type in: Code:

adb devices

12. Daemon should now start and your XOOM should now be recognised by your system.

2. Download the rooting-update zip file.
Download the zip file from here, and place i on your SD-Card

3. Flashing recovery
1. Download this Recovery image.
2. If your device is locked, unlock it now by typing the following.

adb reboot bootloader
fastboot oem unlock
fastboot reboot

3. Flash recovery by typing the code below

adb reboot bootloader
fastboot flash recovery recovery-Tiamat-R4c-100611-1150-cwm.img

When you have verified that the has been flashed on your device Reboot your device  by holding the Volume up and Power button.

As soon as the Motorola sign shows up count to 3 and hit volume down. You should now see Android recovery in top Left of Xoom Hit volume up to boot into recovery.

4. Flashing the file.

If you’re now in clockwork mod recovery you can continue. If you’re not then go back to Step 3 again. to navigate in CWM use the volume buttons to scroll and power button to select.

Now in ClockworkMod follow these steps  “Install zip from sdcard” > “Choose zip from sdcard” and select the you downloaded.

In cwm, go into “install zip from sdcard” -> “Choose zip from sdcard”, then select the file you downloaded. When it finished select Reboot Device

When Device Reboots your Rooted and can now enjoy Your Rooted Xoom.

Credit must be giving to Solarnz from Xoom Forums for all his hard work

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  • Usuf Bhagat

    thanks for the tutorial but after step 3 when i go into recovery mode it doesnot mount the sd card through which i can install that file , what should i do to mount it ?

  • L8sayer40

    does this wipe all of your apps? 

    • No ur apps will be fine just always backup ur SD card etc all your Apps are saved in playstore anyway enjoy

      • L8sayer40

        thanks ryan 🙂 just a quick question cos im confused when i click on the rooting-update zip it goes to a page about kitties or something like that, is this the right page or do i need to do it on my xoom

        • Lol link needs changed aha I’ll get on it Asap

          • L8sayer40

            thanks 🙂

          • Links updated

          • L8sayer40

            cheers one last problem, my computer only picks up that my xoom is pluged in when i turn usb debugging off, and i have download some drivers off the interent becuase there is no link on this forum, sorry for all the questions i just want to get it right u see 🙂

          • Drivers should have installed automatically but here’s a link

          • L8sayer40

            nar it still doesnt recognised the xoom, i have it in usb debugging mode and i type in the adb devices and it says list of devices attached then its blank misses a line then it goes :=SDK_tools>

          • Did u reboot ur pc after driver install?Also try right clicking in sdk folder and open command prompts from there

          • L8sayer40

            i have done what the forum says and now on my xoom it says “starting fastboot protocol support.” how long does this take to go?

          • L8sayer40

            it says it cannot load the recoverry do i put in a special file or what

          • Have u put the recovery file.on.ur SD card like it says?

        • Unlocking ur xoom will delete ur user data aswell but as I.said juat make a backup

  • L8sayer40

    i have succesfully unlocked my xoom, and now on command prompt it says waiting for device, so i cant flash the recoverey, HELP!!!!!!!

    • Did u.type all the commands in? Like fastboot reboot

      • Abd make sure u type adb reboot bootloader before trying to flash image

        • L8sayer40

          i did i havent typed the flash thing in yet becuase it says waiing for device

          • L8sayer40

            i think i did it i opened another cmd and started again and missed the unlocking part

          • L8sayer40

            it says fail to process command error (0x120003)

          • Try starting from.beginning I don’t understand wats going on iv done loads of xooms

          • Also make sure the image is in the correct place and named the same as your typing for example recovery.img

          • I no.what’s happened when.I.changed recovery image link it was a different image iv changed commands now so.all.should be good

          • L8sayer40

            it worked thank u sooooooo much mate 🙂

          • No probs man enjoy make sure u make a backup in.CWM straight away like our Facebook page for updates