If you’ve not heard of the biggest email app in the whole of Russia you’re forgiven. Think of it like this, we all know Gmail right? well to the good folk in Russia read instead. has announced that’s pushing a few of it’s services to the UK market. The mix here touches on email, chat and gaming along with a promise of an image editor coming soon. has launched in the UK as myMail from and the services include myMail, myChat, with myGames and  myCamera coming soon.

Ok now they say that it will pick-up “nearly every IMAP/POP service”. Well we tried to connect with our company IMAP but our and quite-a-few reviews suggest the opposite. As the screenshots below show.


It lacks IMAP/POP3 manual setup which is poor.

myMail brings all your email accounts into one simple, bright, and friendly interface.

Use myMail to manage messages in your Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, iCloud, Hotmail and Outlook mailboxes!

“We created myMail to be fast, secure, and always there when you need it. Our app was developed for mobile devices from the ground up. With simple taps and swiping motions, you can read, reply to, forward, and do whatever else you need to with your emails.”

The app is available on and optimized for both the tablet and smartphone.

Besides its ideal interface, myMail has a number of unique features that make it stand out.

Push Notifications – Customized to fit your life, work, or whatever

◆ Receive instant notification of new messages – even if your email service doesn’t support this feature
◆ Turn notifications on or off and filter notifications
◆ Set a “quiet time” to separate your work life from your personal life Your Inbox – More personal and visual
◆ Navigate through the message list faster with your friends’ avatars and icons for popular services
◆ Customize the appearance of the message list on your device by turning on or off the avatars Search smarter, not harder
◆ Instantly search through all messages
◆ Compose your query faster with search phrases and contact suggestions

Your contacts in your pocket
When you compose or forward emails, myMail will suggest contacts from your device’s address book. myMail also brings your contacts from all your email accounts’ address books.
Send those pictures!
Share all those party photos with a few taps! Pick a bunch of pictures from your photo gallery all at once.

Technical details for your inner geek
Power email users will appreciate myMail’s speed regardless of the number of messages or contacts. Written entirely in native code, myMail uses sophisticated data compression to save bandwidth and it benefits from our engineers’ expertise, research, and best practices.

Security is super important
Whether you use myMail on a public or private Wi-Fi network, your data is always encrypted to protect all your email communications and information. myMail uses leading industry security protocols and practices to ensure data integrity, security, and privacy.



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Senior Editor
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