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April 5, 2013

Samsung Easy Mode makes your new smartphone experience a breeze

Samsung easy mode 1

Easy Mode make’s using your smartphone a breeze


As a new smartphone launches so do new features, menu items and applications. This is great if you are like me and know all about phones and technology, but to someone that is new to smartphones the whole experience can be off putting. This is why Samsung have created Easy Mode.

What is Easy Mode?

Easy Mode simplifies the screen of your smartphone. You can customize the settings to suit your personal needs and enable all features that you need often with only one tip. Once you have Easy Mode set everything suddenly becomes a lot easier than using Basic Mode and you can begin your new adventure into the smartphone world..

Easy Mode 2

How To Set Up Easy Mode (I demonstrate all of this in the video below so don’t worry to much)

  1. Click the soft menu key (Soft meaning there is no button, just a touch function) to the left of your home button.
  2. Now click settings from the menu that popped up
  3. On the settings screen you should now see Home screen mode click on it
  4. Now in the menu just press Easy Mode and then Apply at the bottom

Now that you are in Easy Mode just watch the video below for some handy tips on how to set it up in a beginner friendly way. If you have any questions at all please ask away that’s what we are here for.

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