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August 27, 2013

Samsung exec confirms Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear will be announced September 4th


The internet has been flooded with Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note 3 or III rumours/leaks latley. Well finally we can put the rumours to rest as Samsung exec Lee Young-hee has told the Korea Times that we will see both being announced at IFA on September 4th. Other than the above he also mentioned that the “wearable concept device” would not be coming with the rumoured flexible display but will be a companion gadget for your smartphone. He didn’t shed any more light on this or the Note 3 but there isn’t long to wait until we see the finished articles. On another note some pictures have shown up on ETradeSupply purporting to be that of the Galaxy Note III which they say will measure 5.68-inches so hit the source link up for a good look.

Via – SamMobile
Source – Korea Times, ETradeSupply

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