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April 24, 2013

Samsung exec hints at waterproof and dustproof S4 in coming weeks


Samsung are a company that listen to what the people want and they make it happen. They offer multiple screen sizes and prices that are sure to accommodate everyone’s needs. So have you ever wanted to see a rugged version of the Galaxy S4? Well Samsung are going to give you that as well.

President of Samsung Gulf Young Soo Kim has key slip at a press event that Samsung plans to introduce a water and dust proof version of the Galaxy S4 in the near future. When asked how near he says in the coming weeks. Before you get all excited about a ruggedised S4 my take on the whole situation is that we may likely see a rugged S4 mini as opposed to its bigger brother.

Nothing is official yet so we are yet to see if this heat of the moment comment will actually see daylight, but CEO’s often slip up at times so it could be true. Would you like to see a rugged S4 and sacrifice looks for protection? Let us know below.

Via – UnwiredView

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