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September 9, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Gear pre-orders begin in the UK


We are still trying to put all the pieces together after IFA 2013 in Berlin but just as we do we are starting to see some of the awesome products that were unveiled come up for pre-order. If you seen the Galaxy Gear smartwatch and are looking to get your hands on one here in the UK then look no further than the guys over at Clove Technology. They are now taking pre-orders for all six colours of the Galaxy Gear with the only downside being Samsung’s asking price. If you want one from Clove you are going to have to shell out a whopping ¬£282. So the price on top of the fact that they currently only work with the newly announced Galaxy Note 3 you could be out of a lot of money. If the price doesn’t put you off then head on over to the source link to get your pre-order on.

Source – Clove

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