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July 1, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Mega now available from Three online, will be appearing in store on July 2nd


If you have a thing for the oversized,
well in this case incredibly oversized smart phone then a little visit to Three UK’s online store may be in order. The carrier has just announced that the Samsung Galaxy Mega will be on sale on it’s website starting today. It will then be available in store as soon as tommorow. The huge 6.3-inch handset will be offered on loads of monthly tariffs including Three’s pay-as-you-go scheme. The company is keen to point out that that the Galaxy Mega is future proof as it will be able to take advantage of Three’s new 4G network when it goes live. It is worth noting that Three also stated a while back that it was in no rush to flip the LTE switch so don’t go buying it there if your in a rush for 4G coverage. The full press release is below as usual.

Show Press Release

Source –Three UK

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