Zenus have been making luxury cases for some time now and I have alway’s been a fan of there Masstige line. The Lettering Diary case from Zenus has to be the nicest Galaxy Note 2 case that I have reviewed in a long time, the combination of style, practicality and protection makes it my choice for the perfect everyday case. So read on if you want to find out more.

Build Quality

As we know build quality is a vital part of any case, Zenus seem to have went all out with this case and have cut no corners. As soon as you take the case out of its packaging and hold it you can feel the high quality leather in all its glory. There is a lovely lettering present all over the brown leather that really sets this case off. The case uses a stud lock that snaps open with ease allowing you to fold the case open like a diary. We actually prefer this style of lock as the usual magnet locks just don’t cut it at times. The inside is also lined with leather and the lettering is still present here. The inside of the case features integrated pockets to keep your credit cards or money safe so it double’s as a wallet and is ideal for everyday use. I now use this as my wallet on a daily basis. The tray itself holds the Galaxy Note 2 firmly in position and allows you to access all the ports and buttons with ease. The S-Pen is easily accessible unlike some Note cases that we have reviewed so this is another plus. The rear of the case features an open area that allows you to fully utilize the camera.While the case is closed the Note 2 can be charged without any issues. The case also features a little hole where if you wish you can attach a charm or wrist strap.


When the clasp is locked your phone is completely covered which means it is totally protected. The soft leather outer and the hard shell seem to cover every angle of our Note 2. If dropped during a call you still have protection as the case features a nice meshed port allowing you to answer your call and close the case back over. The sides and front of your device are protected by the plastic tray that the Note 2 sits in as all your impact zones are covered and the tray features a raised lip that will help protect your Note 2 if it happens to land face down. The rear of your Note 2 is also protected while in the case as the tray features a soft felt material to ensure it doesn’t get scratched up at all. Even the Note’s speaker is protected as the port is meshed ensuing it remains free from dust and lint while in your pocket. If you pair this case with a screen protector you will be safe in the knowledge you have done a good job keeping your device safe.


This case is truly the best case I have reviewed. It may not offer the protection of some other cases but the styling and quality is second to none. You will not be disappointed if you by this case for your Note 2 or any other device and I’m sure everyone will ask you about it as they do with me. This case can be purchased from MobileFun for £29.95. If you would like to see our video review just click HERE.

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