The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is an expensive piece of hardware so protecting it should be the first thought on your mind when you pick yours up. There are many cases out there you can choose from to protect your Note 3 but some of them are to bulky and just take away from the Note 3’s beautiful design. Well the solution is here the Neo Hybrid case from Spigen.

On first look at the Neo Hybrid you will see straight away that it looks stunning and this is mainly due to it’s contrasting colours. There are many colour options to choose from and we opted for the black and slate as I felt it would compliment our Black note 3 best and I was sure right on this one. the Neo Hybrid is comprised of two layers a thermoplastic urethane body that’s strengthened by a colorful polycarbonate frame. The TPU rear is going to provide your Note 3 with all the protection it will need as it will not only stop scratches etc but will also absorb any impact or shock in the unfortunate event you drop your device. The exterior polycarbonate simply adds to the protection and holds it all together, as well as adding to the visual aspect of the case. It is also worth noting that the S-PEN is easily accessible with this case so that in itself is a huge bonus.

Overall the case looks and feels great as it doesn’t over bulk the slim Note 3 like some cases out there allowing it to maintain it’s sleek form factor. The nice raised rubber edge around the screen is also going to allow for the device to be placed face down with no worries of damage.  For a price of £19.99 form MobileFun you certainly could do a lot worse than pick the Neo Hybrid up. We have included a video review below just to show you how the case looks and fits the Note 3 so enjoy and stay tuned for more reviews.

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