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April 8, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 accessories now available

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As we reported the all new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is available to buy now from the Samsung Experience store in London before hitting the usual technology stores. If you are one of the lucky ones who picked up the device early you can start accessorizing now with the full range of official goodies available from

Gearzap are part of MobileFun who provide us with loads of awesome products to review so if you have a Note 8.0 or are thinking of getting one look no further. Gearzap have the official screen covers, cases, docks and even replacement S-pens. We have listed some of our favourite accessories along with prices for you below and all the official Samsung products are available for pre-order now, however if you want something now they have plenty aftermarket products you may like as well so check the source link.

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Samsung’s official Galaxy Note 8.0 Screen Protector will ensure your new toys screen remains scratch free while in use. Samsung’s screen protectors are designed to offer crystal clear clarity and provide 99% transparancy enabling you to get the best from the lovely screen. The screen protector will set you back £16.99 but it’s a small price to pay to keep your new tablet safe.

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Samsung’s official Galaxy Note 8.0 car holder is the best vehicle dock you will get for your new device. The dock can be affixed to your car dashboard or windscreen allowing you to mount your Note 8.0 vertically and horizontally. This will come in handy for those road trips and you want to use Sat Nav or watch a movie. The well designed dock also allows plenty of access to the charging port to ensure you always stay connected and to make double sure Samsung have included a charger. The dock will set you back £44.99 but we all know there’s no fit like an official products.

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Samsung’s official Galaxy Note 8.0 book cover not only looks great but comes in many different colors and will keep your new toy safe at all times. Being official the cutouts are precise so you will have no problem accessing all ports and the leather style cover looks great on the device. The book cover will set you back £37.99.

There are plenty more official and unofficial Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 accessories to be seen on Gearzap so go check them out you will not be disappointed with the huge selection.

Source – Gearzap



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