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December 12, 2014

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge lands at Vodafone UK today

Vodafone_Retail-122Samsung has always been pushing the limits of what we can do with phone screens. It was one of the first manufacturers to really get behind big phone displays, and isn’t shy about showing off future concepts. And that innovative attitude to screens is exactly the thinking behind company’s latest handset: the Galaxy Note Edge.


Vodafone is to be the only network operator stocking the Note Edge,to start with, which is available today and features a curved glass display that swoops round one side of the phone. But what problem’s it helping to address and how does it work?

Samsung’s Roger Enright, Director of Partner Products. Read on for a glimpse into the future…

Cutting Edge tech

“The Galaxy Note Edge offers customers a totally revolutionary way to access information and engage with their smartphone. Its unique curved ‘Edge’ screen offers quick access to frequently used apps, alerts and programme control functionality, even when the cover is closed, and all with the swipe of a thumb. You can also receive real-time notifications directly on the Edge screen while watching movies or TV shows on the main screen, without any interruptions.”

A sign of things to come

Last year Samsung launched the Galaxy Round in Korea, which boasted a display that curved to match the shape of your leg when it sits in a pocket. With that then and the Note Edge now, it’s clear that the company is investing seriously in the future of phone screens. So is the Note Edge a sign of things to come in the UK? And does Samsung want to be the leaders of that kind of innovation?

“Curved screens and flexible technology are definitely a step forward,” Roger says. “What we’ve been able to achieve with the curved screen on the Note Edge, and the new design and comfort that we achieved with our new Gear S smartwatch, shows how useful flexible display technology can be.

“We expect flexible screen technology to evolve in larger and higher resolution displays in the coming years, and with the introduction of things like the Quad HD Super AMOLED screen in the Galaxy Note 4 and the Note Edge, we’ve shown how advanced our screen technology is.” And, as Roger reveals, that advanced tech will soon mean phones that bend and flex like paper…

“We’ll continue to show true innovation in the area of flexible screen technology. For example, at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in January 2013, we showcased flexible display concepts, including the first prototype of the Galaxy Note Edge.”

Vodafone have for £49 deposit plus £53.50 pm x 24 months. See full specs here


Dimensions (mm) 151 x 82 x 8.3
Weight (g) 174
Operating system Android KitKat 4.4
Screen 5.6 inch touchscreen, Super AMOLED
Camera 16MP, LED flash, Auto Focus

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