Ok, so here’s the scenario — you’ve just returned from your first big trip around europe with your friends/ on your tod or now ex-girlfriend if the trip hasn’t gone to plan. lets hope its not the latter.


You have all your loved ones around you as you arrive home safe and sound and they’re all asking to see some of the pictures and videos from your adventures.


So what do you use to show them the awesomeness that is YOU in HD! You already have the powerhouse that is the galaxy s3 what more could you want? The MHL HDTV Adapter thats what.

Fun time’s over heres the techie part, the Galaxy S3 has a change in the pin layout so the older MHL adaptor’s no longer work’s but thankfully Samsung have an updated version for the Quad core beast so let’s have a look at it.


On first look the adaptor looks no different to the old version and thats because it isn’t it is exactly the same only the pin layout inside is different.


Setting it up is exactly the same as before. First plug your charger into the adaptor this is needed to provide the extra power required for outputting the device to a non MHL compatible device. This will also keep your device charging while hooked up which will be needed if your streaming media or gaming for any length of time. Then all that’s left to do is connect it to your phone via the micro-USB port and plug your HDMI lead into the adaptor.

When connected the Samsung Galaxy s3 will ask you wether you would like sound outputted in “stereo” or “surround”.So if you are lucky enough to have surround sound click it. Either option will suffice as they are both perfect for streaming media and gaming. So now you can see your device on the big screen and you are now able to easily navigate the menu’s and watch all your recorded or downloaded media.

Gaming is a pleasure on the big screen Riptide GP and Shadowgun performed flawlessly and the big screen just makes it all the more pleasurable. Other tasks we tried out was browsing the internet and making a Skype call and it didn’t disappoint.


Overall – There is no loss of functionality at all while using this adaptor and there shouldn’t be as its the official version. We feel after having a play that this is definitely worth the investment to show off your media to your friends after all it would be a shame not to utilise your High end device with this High end accessory so hit up the source link and get it purchased.

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Source – Mobile Fun

Big thanks to Mobile Fun

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