Everytime we get an upgrade or buy a new handset the first thing we all think about is how best to protect it. Accidents happen all the time more so for some so finding the best case is vital. There are loads of cases to choose from on the market all at differing price levels.

I for one want the best protection for my handset especially when it costs £400+. Well the hunt can finally stop as I have found a case that not only protects my precious (creepy Golem voice used) but fits into my lifestyle. It comes from the masters of protection OtterBox.

I opted for the commuter series case from OtterBox which offers maximum protection for my S3. It comes as a two peice case, the first peice is a thick silicone whixh forms the inner layer and will do most of the shock absorbing if you manage to have an accident. The silicone has all the apropriate cut outs needed for the s3 like camera,speaker and led but also features handy dust flap covers for you charging port and headphone jack to insure they are not missing out on the protection. The second layer is the hard plastic outer shell that binds it all together to form turtle like protection. The plastic outer cover sall but the corners and gives it that sturdy feel. It has cutouts to allow the rubber layer to pop through for volume and power control etc.

Getting the Galaxy S3 into the case takes a bit of work but that is expected as when it’s all together it just fits perfect. The S3 case does not differ to any of the other commuter cases we have used on previous devices. The shell just flows prefect with the curves of the S3 and takes nothing away from the design. One quick look at the front of your device when the case is fitted and you will notice the raised rubber edges of the case that will allow you to lye the S3 face down without the worry of damaging your screen. We performed a few droptests all be it we were carefull but the case really takes all of the impact from a fall. The rubber and platic layers just work perfect together to acheive the maximum protection you will need.

Conclusion Overall the cover itself sits perfectly on the phone and hugs the natural curves of the S3 without adding to much bulk to it. You will instantly feel like your device has gained extra strength and protection and that is the most important factor when looking for protection. It cost £29.95 from MobileFun.co.uk although you may think this is expensive for a case you will find no better protection for that expensive handset and if you damage your handset it is going to cost a lot more than that. The only thing I could find to moan about when reviewing this case is that at first the rubber buttons take a bit of pressing to get them to work, but after about a day of useage it was plain sailing from there. Big thanks to MobileFun for sending us this case to review you can pick your otterbox case up from the source link below.

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