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May 15, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 ‘Google Edition’ to be announced at Google I/O


It looks like we are going to get another device to add to the list of those running pure Google Android. The latest news coming from the guys over at is that Samsung and Google are preparing the Galaxy S4 “Google Edition” and it will be released at Google’s big developer conference, I/O. Google developer conference is often an event were we see some awesome hardware released and Google promise this year is going to be even bigger.

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is an awesome bit of hardware and most people will already be pleased with the standard version. There are those of us who find ourselves tinkering and rooting our devices in order to get the stock Google AOSP (Android Open Source Project) experience so this announcement is a pretty big deal.

One thing worth noting is that this announcement shouldn’t be confused with a Nexus phone, a device that is designed with Google casting their eye over it. Geek has stated that

According our sources on hand at Google I/O, this Google Edition phone is a collaboration between Samsung and Google to address a growing group of users that prefer stock Android on something other than a Nexus

This will only mean more revenue for Samsung as it will sway a load of new users to adopt the Galaxy S4. There is no word on pricing yet or availability in the UK but Geek say that it will be available on Tmobile bands on the US. Lets hope that Google sell it in the play Store allowing us all to get in on the action.

Source – Geek

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