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April 9, 2014

Samsung Gear 2 gets torn apart by iFixit


Here at BeginnersTech HQ we love nothing more than seeing exactly what’s inside our gadgets, thankfully we don’t have to destroy our toys as the guy’s over at iFixit do it for us. There latest teardown involves Samsung’s Gear 2 smart watch that is set to go on sale and a torx screwdriver.

As you would expect they found loads of small electronic bits that you probably don’t want to fool around with. Either way its pretty cool seeing how Samsung managed to cram all that tech into the water-resistant chassis. iFixit have given the Gear 2 a repairability score of 8 which is pretty decent but with the display being fused/glued to the front it won’t get that perfect 10 we rarely see. Its good to know that the wristband and battery are easily replaced tho if need be.

If you want to check out the teardown then hit up the source link below for more pictures and information

Source: iFixit

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