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February 18, 2014

Samsung shows off new upgraded flash set to feature on Galaxy S5


We are less than a week away till we can finnaly see the much anticipated Galaxy S5 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Samsung love to build the hype and today the have shown us a little piece of the puzzle in the form of a new LED flash that will feature in their upcoming smartphones including the Galaxy S5.

On a post on their blog they show us many components including reflector-integrated packages, side-view LEDs and a flip-chip flash LED. According to Samsung the 3432 1.8t, one of the reflector-integrated flash LEDs will feature in the next Galaxy smartphone.

The new reflector is said to allow for a wider field of view withing a smaller package with a lead frame and “a reflector with its own optics and diffusion features.” This alone doesn’t tell us much about the S5 but with recent leaks of a 16-megapixel ISOCELL sensor it looks set to be a huge improvement.

I guess we will know for sure in 6 days time so stay tuned to BeginnersTech for or the MWC 14 news as it happens.

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