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March 20, 2014

Samsung take a swipe at Apple, Amazon and Microsoft in new TV ad

Samsung TV adSamsung has rolled out a new television ad that takes a pop at not one, not  two, but three competitors.
If you think about it, it makes perfect sense to lay into a few rival companies in a single ad. I mean, why waste 60 seconds on mocking only Apple? Why not throw in Microsoft and Amazon, too?

The new ad (you can check it out below), which runs for 1.02 minutes, first aired on Thursday, highlights the tech giant’s Galaxy Pro series of tablets in a number of scenes featuring regular folk in regular situations.
Each scene has someone using either the Galaxy Tab Pro or Galaxy Note Pro alongside another person with either an iPad, Surface, or Kindle e-reader.

Of course, Samsung works it to show up a range of what it perceives to be weaknesses in its rivals’ offerings – so, for example, the iPad “can’t do two things at once,” the Surface tablet is more like a laptop because “it has a keyboard, a battery dock, and a mouse,” and the Kindle’s not up to much because it can’t play YouTube videos. When asked what it can do, the e-reader owner shoots back a one-word answer: “Books.”

Samsung love making fun of rival products and those that buy them, with Apple often in its sights. While a couple of ads released last month had the them ridiculing the iPhone 5S and iPad Air, Samsung has evidently decided to take on everyone at once, confident that its new Galaxy Pro devices are good enough to beat the competition. The message is One Samsung device can combine everything the others can do separately.

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Dave Thornton

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Senior Editor
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