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January 20, 2014

Samsung’s alleged new UI shows it’s face again, this time with Google Now-like cards


The great @evleaks is at it again with another new leak. Let me start off by saying @evleaks is rarely wrong when providing information so don’t tale this lightly. Today’s leak is some reported pictures of Samsung’s new UI that started to leak on tech blogs about a week ago. Well fresh pictures have surfaced this time and they look very much like Google Now and we can only presume will work in a similar fashion as well.


If the pictures are indeed genuine we could see these cards appear on Samsung’s next flagship’s home screen, allowing the users to scroll through. If you take a closer look there are some cards in the pictures that are already available via Google Now but it seems Samsung have expanded on these by adding cards for home automation, fitness, social shares, and messages. Overall it seems like Google Now and notification centre rolled into one and that could prove pretty useful.

Its good to know Samsung are working on their UI but I can only hope its less cluttered this time round.

Source – @evleaks, (2)

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