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November 11, 2014

Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge Coming To The UK


Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge may be an experimental device and most thought we would never see it here in the UK. Well that has all changed as it seems the crazy designed smartphone will be arriving in the UK as Vodafone confirmed it will take stock of it. At the minute we don’t know prices or time scales for Vodafone but when we do we will be sure to let you know. We have reached out to other carriers as well to see if they will be selling the device and again we will update you. If your not into contracts you can always pick the Galaxy Note Edge up from our friends at Clove who are taking pre-orders from the SIM free variant that will set you back ¬£650.

It is worth noting that the device is said to arrive in the UK in limited quantities which makes sense as its bent screen will not appeal to the majority of smartphone users. If you are considering picking one up be sure to let us know as under the hood the Galaxy Note Edge is as good as any top Android device available.

Via – TheInquirer

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