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December 17, 2013

Samsung’s HomeSync to support more Android devices


Samsung’s HomeSync box is far from cheap and the fact that it only supported Samsung devices is a huge deter. Thankfully Samsung have came to their senses and realised this and now the Android powered streaming, storage and mirroring hub will support more Jelly Bean phones and tablets. Yes that’s correct you will no longer need a Galaxy device to use this hub so everyone in your household could take adavtage of it. Just incase you dont know much about the hub you can use it to store and share photos, music and videos using the HomeSync’s 1TB “personal cloud,” the hub also allows users to use their handset as a remote control and mirror the handsets screen via the hubs HDMI input. If you would like to see if your device makes the grade then visit the source link below.

Source – Samsung

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