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October 31, 2012

Samsungs new premier revealed


No, Samsung are not yet making movies, but with the name of their new device I thought that I would use a little word play in the title.

As has now become the “norm” we hear about stuff before we’re supposed to, and it seems like that’s not going to change anytime soon.

This seems no more true than with the Galaxy Premier as we’ve had leaked benchmarks all the way to press images. Granted, it wasn’t as good as the leaks surrounding LG’s Nexus 4 but, we got more than enough. We’ve been hearing things surrounding the Galaxy Premier from as early as this past summer, rumors circled around the model number at first, being i9260 makes the device very close to the i9250 model number of the Galaxy Nexus, setting sparks alight of this being a successor to the Galaxy Nexus for a set of 5 phones.

We didn’t see 5 phones and we didn’t see anything too similar to the Galaxy Nexus. It seems that Samsung has some stock left over from the Galaxy Nexus and can do something with it.

The Galaxy Premier is finally official and we can now confirm that it’s essentially a Galaxy Nexus dressed up as a Galaxy S III. Other than that, the device is confirmed to be packing the following specs:

4.65-inch screen
720 x 1,280 Super AMOLED panel, Dual-core 1.5 GHz TI OMAP 4470 processor
8MP rear-facing camera with a 1.9MP front-facing camera
1GB of RAM
Bluetooth 4.0
Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
2100 mAh Battery
And a partrige in a pear tree.

Okay so, maybe this is a little more than a Galaxy Nexus in fancy dress but, the concept is essentially the same, this is parts from the Galaxy Nexus put together with some new parts to make this strange device in the Galaxy S III line-up. It’s going to be available in the Ukraine soon, for roughly $680 which is roughly £422 but, that’s a straight conversion so don’t take out word for it. When it comes to it, I wonder what Samsung is doing with this device and what sort of market they’re selling it to, it’s essentially a smaller Galaxy S III but as small as the Mini, making it some strange device that is closer to the S III than the S III Mini.

Samsung, we realize that you have a lot of screen stock floating around but, that doesn’t mean you have to sell devices that don’t immediately show a purpose. Unless you are being more cunning than I previously thought and have created a completely new handset that Apple can’t throw the proverbial “dummy” (that’s a pacifier for all my stateside readers) out the pram and moan about.

By Jonny Polea

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