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December 24, 2013

How to Setup AirPrint with iPad iOS 7



With more and more of our documents living in the cloud and email of coyrse, there is still the occasional need to physically print something out. While printer technology has basically stayed the same there has been a couple of major changes a over the last few years with new features such as Wi-Fi and now NFC (not supported by Apple) they, Apple do have AirPrint.

AirPrint enables the user to print documents directly from their iPad or iPhone. This ability is very useful, especially for those who use an iPad/iPhone more often than a laptop. Before AirPrint trying to print documents from an iPad/iPhone was hit or miss depending on what printer you had. Most new printers come with AirPrint support, and all that you need to use the feature is being on the same WiFi network as the AirPrint printer.

Follow the steps in the guide below to start using AirPrint on the iPad/iPhone today.

AirPrint is a feature built into many applications on the iPad/iPhone. A few examples of these are Safari, Evernote, Keynote and the one I am using in this example: Pages on my iPad with iOS 7.0.4, It’s the same process for the iPhone with slight differences. Any app that has AirPrint support will work similarly to the demonstration below.

From the home screen Open Pages.


After the Pages app loads, select  a document.


With the document opened, tap the wrench icon in the top right of the app.


On the options page, tap Share and Print


On the next page, select Print at the bottom of the page.


To print the document, the first step is to Select Printer.


Be sure that the WiFi network is the same one that the printer is on, so that AirPrint will be able to find the printer. After a few seconds your printer should appear on the screen. Tap it to select the device.


  • After you add the printer to the iPad/iPhone, there are several printing options that you can change before hitting print. By default all pages of the document print every time, if you want to customize this tap Range.
  • At the bottom of the screen, adjust the page numbers so that it is only the pages you want printed.
  • Another option is how many copies you would like to print from that document. To add more than one copy tap “+” on the copies menu. Likewise, to reduce the number of copies of a document, tap the “-” button.
  • Once you finish with the printing requirements, select Print at the bottom of the screen.
  • A message should appear saying that your document went to the printer.

Beginnerstech wish all our readers a Merry Christmas  and a Happy New Year.

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Senior Editor
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