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August 11, 2012

Skyrim Dragon Souls not absorbing

Ok so I decided to have a wee hour on skyrim last night, little did I know that one hour would turn into 5 (whoops)

Last night’s quest began by going for a stroll with my good friend and companion Marcurio. We happened to cross paths with a dragon (what are the chances huh), but when we had slain the vile beast, to our whole hearted dissapointment, we received no dragon soul for our hard work.

So I decided to try it in other areas but the same thing happened another two times. This frustrated me to no end.

I then decided to have a look on a few blogs to see if my fellow Skyrimmers (ad I like to refer to them) were having the same issue.

Thanks to EdgejrIII who posted on GameFAQS I now have my answer.

1. Random Dragon encounters will ALWAYS produce a dragon’s soul, no matter the type.

2. You cannot recieve a soul from the same dragon type, of a dragon’s lair, that you had killed in that spot previously. i.e. If you killed a Blood Dragon at that dragon’s lair before, you cannot get a soul by killing a Blood Dragon at that same lair.

3. Dragons respawn at a lair in order of type and your level. It goes; Dragons, Blood Dragons, Frost Dragons, Elder Dragons, then Ancient Dragons.

(There are 2 types for each dragon types, Fire and Ice, but I haven’t been able to determine if you can kill a Fire, then an Ice of the same type and recieve a soul from both.)

If you kill a Dragon at a lair, then level up and come back, a Blood Dragon will spawn, level up more, come back to the lair, and a Frost Dragon will spawn, etc…but if you kill a Dragon at level 10, then come back to it’s lair at level 10 again, a Dragon will respawn and you will not recieve a soul this time.

So in conclusion, don’t worry gamers, its not a massive glitch just a wee one.

By Jonny Polea

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