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May 25, 2015

Smart glasses have found a home with enterprise companies


Google Glass isn’t dead, but consumers were not excited about it. Google sent Glass back to the drawing board when it ended the Explorer program back in January 2015. Tony Fadell from Nest took over the Glass project and is revamping the idea. Google Glass may never be a hit with consumers because of its nerdy look and because of unfounded security fears surrounding the product. That’s okay, though, because smart glasses have found a new home with enterprise-level businesses. This bodes well for the future of Glass and means that consumer smart glasses could trickle down to us in the future.

Companies like Recon Instruments and Vuzix were making smart glasses at the same time Google was trying to bring Glass to consumers. These companies are still making smart glasses, but instead of marketing them to you and me, they are pushing them towards manufacturing and healthcare workers. Other verticals like automobiles and nuclear power, security, and logistics and transportation companies are finding benefits to having their workers wear these glasses. Retail businesses could see benefit from augmented reality, like in the image above. Some companies are making hardware, like Vuzix is doing, while others are building software solutions. Augmate, APX Labs, and Pristine are only a few of the companies making enterprise solutions for businesses.

Competition will heat up in this arena, with others like Microsoft and their HoloLens VR jumping into the mix. HoloLens is more virtual reality than augmented reality, but it shows you the scope of where this could go. We’re still on the ground floor of what will be a massive swell in demand for smart glasses and the services they can provide.

Source: VentureBeat

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