Over the last few months I have had several requests in my mailbox from you guys to review skins/wraps for devices as an alternative to cases. Some of you guys said that you felt skins may be better suited to those who don’t like bulking up there devices and I could not agree more. After scouring the internet I came across an eBay store called SmartSkins who where offering skins for a great price and in many different looks and textures and not only supplied mobile and tablet skins but included consoles, headphones and other products as well. After a few chats with the owner he decided to send us loads of samples over as well as some custom ones which we are very grateful for. So lets have a look and see what we thought about SmartSkins and how they have held up over the past three weeks.


SmartSkins are available for a multitude of devices and the list is about to grow soon so if you can’t see your device don’t worry to much. You can buy them for your iPhone, Android device, console, kiteboard, laptop, Macbook headphones and Kindle to name a few. SmartSkins are manufactured using only top quality textured vinyls and made using custom CAD design which is then cut by laser guided machinery to ensure the fit is nothing less than perfect and I can assure you that this is 100% true. When you order your skin it will come to you presented on a piece of paper and in several parts and designs depending on your device.


The installation process doesn’t require any instructions as it is very straight forward and only requires a little time and patience to ensure you get the best results. We installed these skins on loads of our devices as you can see from the pictures and it was very straight forward. We simply cleaned our device with a micro-fiber cloth to remove any dirt or lint, peeled the section off we wished to apply, lined it up and rubbed it gently into place. The great thing about SmartSkins is they leave no residue when removed so if you didn’t line up correctly first time you can simply try again. I found that if you choose a reference point as a guide at the start for example a logo cutout the rest falls into place perfectly.


As mentioned earlier the skins come in loads of different textures so your sure to find one you like. The textures we tried out where brushed aluminium, matte, leather and carbon fiber which changed the look and feel of our devices considerably. One texture we didn’t get to try out but hopefully will was wood, these skins also look great so stay tuned for a follow up on them. As well as different feels there are also many different colour options to choose from as well as the option to mix and match. With the skin on your device it not only looks great but adds a totally new dimension to it which is great especially if your device is scratched or you are just bored of the original look and feel. If that isn’t enough you can get custom work done just like you see in the pictures above, bear in mind tho that custom work is a little more costly but I think you will agree it looks awesome and you can be assured no one else will have the same.


In terms of protection SmartSkins cover all of your device from scratches and provide protection from the occasional light drop. They are extremely tough and all of our skins have stayed in place and look as good as they did the first day we applied them. We also used a screen cover with the SmartSkins which caused no problems at all as we just applied the screen cover first and then the skin over the top. This ensured we had that little bit extra protection for our screens.As most of us are very active in forums one complaint people always have about skins is the amount of dirt and lint the edges picked up. With SmartSkins we did not encounter that problem at all as I always applied a little heat to the sides of the skin to ensure they where stuck securely into place as suggested by the owner.

Overall SmartSkins are awesome and will transform the look and feel of any gadget. They perform well as protection and the prices are the cheapest I had found anywhere and this doesn’t impact on quality. You can find the SmartSkins eBay store in the source link below and be sure to let them know BeginnersTech sent you.

Source – SmartSkins (eBay Shop)


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