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October 14, 2013

SMS apps should be straightforward and simple, Yes?



A friend of mine called in today and during our conversation he started moaning about SMS apps. This is what he said:

Having used Go SMS Pro for the past couple of years, I realised I was sick of its bloat, UX failings (why does pressing the back button quit the app, rather than going to the conversation list?), and annoying constant texts to tell me about their new themes, or whole-screen update info.

Perhaps that stuff’s useful for some, but I want an SMS client that sends texts and receives them.

Well I told him that I’d been using the stock client for quite a while, and that it does everything I wanted Go or any other SMS app to do, without any of the crap.
Sorry, I’m not sure if that’s useful or not. I just needed to grump.

Anyway he carried on:

I bought the Sliding Messaging Pro because I liked the interface so much (one you turn off the laggy card interface) but I also want functioning MMS. The moment the developer gets MMS working is the day I drop GoSMS for good.
Sliding Messaging has preset MMS settings you can change manually for a whole host of international networks. I compared those to settings I found online and they appear to be the same. However, MMS still don’t actually go through; the message gets a timestamp and shows as sent but the person I sent it to never actually received it. I’ve been using the “send MMS through stock” option as a workaround which is working fine.

So the end result it seems to be ‘whatever-floats-your-boat or, should that be bloat!


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Dave Thornton

Senior Editor

Senior Editor
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