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June 24, 2013

Snapjoy photo sharing service shuts its doors after Dropbox takeover


Snapjoy has announced in a blog post that they will be closing there doors only 6 months after after cloud giant Dropbox acquired them. Snapjoy have told its users that photos can no longer be imported onto its servers and that the iPhone app will now be redundant as well. Now for the important part, if you are a user and you have got photos stored on the site, you’ll have exactly a month to get them downloaded, as on July 24th, “all photos and data will be permanently deleted.” So if you have important snaps from memorable days out or holidays get downloading now before it slips your mind. This is not the first time a service had closed its doors after being swallowed by a bigger fish like Dropbox and it won’t be the last.

Source – Snapjoy Blog

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