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March 1, 2014

Solid Explorer update adds Chromecast support via a separate plugin

Although annoying, Google itself doesn’t have a way of getting locally saved media files from your phone to your TV when using Chromecast.
There are of course third party app options available, but if you would prefer not to have to deal with yet another app,

Solid Explorer Cast Plugin   Android Apps on Google Play

Solid Explorer has added the ability to stream files directly from the file browser. All you need is the latest version and a separate plugin. The plugin doesn’t have its own icon in launcher. In order to launch it, you need to open a media file in Solid Explorer and choose Solid Explorer Cast option as shown on the first screenshot.  An attractive controller interface will then appear, letting you do your thing.
The latest version of Solid Explorer supports connecting to multiple Copy accounts and introduces a number of bug fixes. You can see them below.
What’s new:

  • Chromecast support (as separate plugin)
  • Fixed folders appearing as files on some WebDav servers
  • Fixed reconnection on FTP and SFTP servers after broken network connection
  • Fixed wrong file modification dates in Copy client
  • Ability to connect multiple Copy accounts

Developer Krzysztof Głodowski still has some work to do on this add-on as it appears to crash on the Nexus devices quite often but, knowing Krzysztof  from the very early days of Solid Explorer I know he will get the bugs sorted out. The concept is great and we wish him all the best.


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Solid Explorer Unlocker


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