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September 5, 2013

Some overlooked features of the Galaxy Note 3


So yesterday when the Galaxy Note 3 was unveiled we where that excited about the awesome screen and 3GB of RAM that we forgot to talk about the debut of USB 3.0 on a mobile device. The USB 3.0 port replaces the usual micro-USB port we are used to seeing on pur Android devices.

So what does this mean for the user? Well with USB 3.0 it ultimately means an increase in the speed you can transfer files to and from your device as well as faster charging cycles. Of course this is only possible if you have a USB 3.0 enabled PC or laptop. The big plus for me will be charging while I’m at the PC as USB 3.0 provides up to 900mA output current which is considerably better than the 500mA from the micro-USB we are used to.

The other benefit will be when charging – USB 3.0 provides up to 900mA output current, higher than the 500mA of USB 2.0, so you won’t have to worry about extremely slow charging when charging from your PC

Does this mean I will need new cables for my power banks and accessories? You will be happy to know that just like the backwards compatible USB 3.0 fash drives you can buy the Note 3 allows you to use the micro-USB cable if you wish. So overall its a good deal as the option to speed things up is there if you want it but still allows you to hold on to the past.

Are you looking to purchase a Note 3? Let us know below.

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