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June 27, 2013

Sony keeps promise and posts 4.46 firmware, instructions to fix bricked consoles


We posted not so long ago that there were reports of Sony’s 4.45 PlayStation 3 firmware update bricking consoles. Well Sony pulled that update and today they have now started rolling out a fixed version in the form of 4.46. Those who were unlucky enough to have bricked there consoles with 4.45 now have a series of steps to follow on Sony’s support site to bring there consoles back to life.

Those who will be completing the fix steps will need a USB memory stick with at least 168MB of space on it. Older models will also be able to use the SD slot, memory stick or Compact Flash Card to complete the fix. Sony have not giving any details on what exactly cause this issue in the first place but at least it has been resolved. If you need to fix your console then just follow the steps at the source link below.

Via – @PlayStation (Twitter)
Source – PlayStation Support

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