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November 13, 2013

Sony launches new PlayStation app on Android and iOS


Before we begin the app is rolling out in stages and not all countries have access yet so be patient.

We have seen what the next generation consoles can do and I’m sure you are as excited as me to get your game on. While you wait you could kill some time downloading Sony’s new PlayStation App that has just arrived in both the Play Store and App Store. The new app incase you haven’t heard allows users to remain connected and see what’s happening when your not at home. The new app allows you to push games to your console at home, chat with your friends and keep up with all of your stats as long as you connect your accounts.

Future updates to the app will also bring about the chance of developers enabling second-screen features, bringing with it expanded gameplay possibilities. The app will also host system guides, manuals and access to the PlayStation Blog ensuring you never miss a thing. So if your bored waiting on your PS4 arriving hit up the download links below.

Source – Play Store, App Store

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