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September 25, 2013 v3.0 Hopfully coming this week


When it comes to testing your Wi-Fi or data speed, then, Ookla’s app is not one of the best but, many including ourselves believe, is the best. But it hasn’t seen a update on Android for a long time, minor tweaks here and there but nothing substantial.  However it looks like we could be looking at a new version v3,as according to Ookla the company has been working on a new version of the app for a while, with a teaser of a picture on Twitter.


Now over on the Apple appstore has received an updated version to 3.1.2 which shows the new front-end which has been given a overall, and looks refreshingly good.

Android_UI_1 Apple_UI

As you can see, from above images the Android (left) and Apple (right) show the different, between the ‘Old’ and ‘New’ UI’s. It keeps the same familiar gauge for testing, as well as the same overall layout, but it looks substantially more appealing. And since we have it running on the Nexus 7 (2013) iPad mini and Htc One, the device compatibility should be much better with version 3.0. We’ve reached out about the possibility of a tablet UI as well, though it’s probably unlikely that larger-screened devices will see anything more than what’s shown above.

Ookla noted that the app should be “coming this week.” We’ll let you know as soon as that happens. Below are the link for Google Play, Apple App Store and Windows store




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Senior Editor
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