I have always been a fan of wallet style cases and was delighted when we got sent the Spigen SGP Illuzion Leather Wallet case for the iPhone 5. This case allows you to have a practical solution to carrying your phone an wallet while keeping your phone protected and looking great, if this sounds like a case you would like then read on for the full review.

Build Quality

Build quality is important with anything you buy and Spigen have certainly taken that on board with the illuzion case. The leather that is wrapped around the case may be faux but the texture, look and feel are just perfect. One thing that I also noted is that there is no smell that you sometimes get from faux leather so this is pretty nice. The case comes in a range of bright two tone colours that are sure to brighten up any iPhone. The case we have is the black and orange version and it looks great even on our white iPhone 5. The black leather on the front has a sort of wood look to it and it looks very high quality, there is also a cutout for both the earpiece and camera on the rear. The case uses a stud lock which I prefer as the magnetic locks on some cases just don’t work like they should. The inside of the case is a very vibrant orange colour and the leather is styled in a more breathable pattern this time, this really sets the white of the iPhone off and looks great. The inside of the case features integrated pockets to keep your credit cards or money safe so it double’s as a small wallet and is ideal for use on a night out. The tray itself holds the iPhone 5 firmly in position and allows you to access all the ports and buttons with ease. It is constructed from plastic and looks thin but it can take some twisting without any signs of breaking. The rear of the case features a decent size cutout area that allows you to fully utilize the camera and does not interfere with the flash like some cases. While the case is closed the iPhone can be charged without any issues. There are actually no faults i can find with the build quality and I am writing the review after almost 4 weeks use.


In terms of protecting your device this case does a pretty decent job, it’s no Otterbox etc but it will come to your aid if you have an accident. When the clasp is locked over the phone is completely covered and has a load of protection so you would have to be very unlucky to damage your phone this way. The tray that holds the iPhone in place does a pretty good job of covering every angle of the iPhone, the only problem I can see is that unlike some other folio style cases the Spigen SGP illuzion case does not feature a raised lip meaning in the unfortunate event you drop your device while the clasp is open the screen doesn’t have a great amount of protection.


Overall this case is a new favourite of ours and one of the best flip style iPhone cases I have reviewed. The balance of protection and looks makes the Spigen SGP illuzion case that perfect everyday case, especially on a night out as it makes life a lot easier and my pockets a lot lighter as I need not take my wallet out. If you are looking for a case that will give you a decent amount of protection and plenty of style then look no further. The case itself can be purchased from MobileFun for £34.99.


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