When it comes to cloud storage the competition is growing, with Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Box and Dropbox just to name a few.

Now a new company has entered the market, Duvon Corporation have released a beta of StoAmigo cloud storage.

StoAmigo is currently in public beta testing and is looking for users to test the app with them. For your effort you will receive 5GB free storage.

There is not really too much to say about cloud storage but StoAmigo does have one or two nice touches added to the normal cloud storage apps, as you can see from the features below.


Features of the app include:

  • Unique permission settings that let you control who downloads, views or shares your files
  • Ability to cancel access to shared files – even after they’ve been opened
  • Seamless streaming of your digital media directly from the cloud (no copies are made)
  • Continuous play (perfect for your photo slideshows and music playlists)

It does seem more secure than normal as the StoAmigo app is built especially for Android to stream and share videos and music on your smartphone. The custom permission settings let you decide how to share your files with family, friends and on social media sites, giving you control over your digital media.

StoAmigo was developed by an innovative group of technology professionals from Duvon Corporation, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We are passionate about expanding the current concept of the personal cloud by incorporating key social networking elements that enhance the way that people share and engage through technology.  In other words, we want to make sharing and showing the digital media that you love easier and more fun.

The StoAmigo team is made up of computer scientists and mathematicians, along with networking and business professionals who are all dedicated to defining, developing and delivering advanced applications that merge social networking with the personal cloud. Our team works from offices in the U.S., China and the Ukraine.


Let’s look at some of the feature highlights that will be coming tof the StoAmigo Windows App:

  • User-friendly Windows folder organization that you are already familiar with
  • Sync files between computer and the cloud, edit files in your StoAmigo Windows folder while offline, and when you’re online again, they’ll automatically sync to the cloud so you’ll have the most recent version with you on the go, or edit your files in the cloud and they’ll automatically sync to your PC
  • Automatically backs up important files on your PC to the cloud using the StoAmigo Windows folder
  • Easily upload files of any size and type
  • Desktop notifications let you know your files have been uploaded to the cloud.

So why not use your StoAmigo Windows folder as a default and enjoy all the additional functionalities the app brings to your StoAmigo account.

StoAmigo Windows App will be available soon.

Cost: Free

StoAmigo is a clever cloud storage app. There is a lot of promise with this app. I really like the sharing and permissions. I would have given such an app 3 tekkers but with the added security with the permissions I’m going to give it 4.

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