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May 15, 2014

Swarm from Foursquare now on Google Play and Appstore

SwarmIf you’ve not heard of Swarm before then let’s introduce you to Foursquare’s ‘New’ app.

Foursquare has always been a sort of social network, but the company is looking to get a lot more social with their new app. Instead of focusing on the relationship between businesses and customers, Swarm is a check-in functionality that’s long been offered by the Foursquare app that’sall about you and your friends. Everything contained within is focused on getting groups together…. though if you did so at a local bar or cafe, Foursquare probably wouldn’t mind.


There are three components to Swarm: a Facebook/Twitter-style news feed, a standard messaging system, and a social map. The new Swarm app will display where your friends are at, much like Foursquare has for a while now, but it also includes a few other notable features. These include:

  • Search past check-ins: Just like it sounds, users can search through their previous check-ins for a specific city, person or place.
  • Neighborhood sharing: Allows friends to see when you’re in their neighborhood and for you to see when friends are nearby.
  • Plans and people nearby: Users can suggest a plan or activity that’s viewable by all of their friends in their city. Those friends can then reply to the suggested plan.

Meanwhile, the Foursquare app, for the time being, will continue to show mayors, but there will be no more ousting of mayors. The company said this will help make way for mayors 2.0 in Swarm. And finally, Foursquare announced it is working on a Windows Phone version of Swarm that’ll launch this summer. Swarm for iPhone and Android is free to download and use, starting today.

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