Everyone with a smartphone is a photo editor these days. Instagram was the first success story for photo editing apps and its popularity ballooned to massive proportions. Now, in Instagram’s giant shadow, there are a plethora of alternatives all fighting to edge out and catch a little of the limelight. If you’re looking for something a little different, look no further than Snapseed.

This easy to use app gives you more control over your editing allowing a more detailed tweaking of your snaps. There are a lot less pre made filters than on Instagram, only seven to be exact, but that’s not really what this app is about. Snapseed’s versatility makes it the Johnny Depp of photo editing. The app is simple; it opens up to a navigation screen which has everything you need right in front of you. There’s no hidden options you need to hunt for and you’re never more than one click away from the main screen. There’s a handy sample image you can mess about with and learn what each of the adjustments mean for your pictures. All the adjustment options, pre made looks and frames are on a scroll bar along the bottom.


The ready to use filters are pretty nice compared to some other apps of its kind. They do what they say and there’s no overkill, you can even fine tune them once applied. But it’s more fun to tweak the image yourself. The fine tuning option allows you to mess around with individual colours (to a certain extent,) or specific areas of your picture. Fine tuning lets you mess around with the overall brightness and saturation and such like, and you can adjust the structure and sharpness in details.


You also have the standard straightening and cropping options. Even if you don’t understand what all the adjustments mean, once you start messing around with the options on your favourite pics, you’ll soon learn how to make things look the way you want. Once you’ve finished poking and prodding, you’re only a button away from sharing to alk the obvious sites or saving it for your personal collection. For someone who likes to get a little more detailed without the knowledge, this is definitely the app for you. It’s available on the App Store and on Google Play for free, who doesn’t love free apps. If I had to pick faults, they wouldn’t be with the functionality but the packaging. The name sounds like a comic super villain and the logo looks like it could be used for some über cool recycling scheme. However that doesn’t affect at all how you edit your photos, so get downloading and enjoy.

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